The readings did make me really think about what do my students need to know in order to function in the modern world and what is my role in creating effective and ethical citizens. In a previous role I was part of a team that introduced students to issues surrounding their use of technology. This was partly prompted by instances of online bullying and problems with social networking and teenagers. We focussed on personal conduct, safety and privacy mostly and aimed to arm students with knowledge to avoid making irreversible online disasters and become more responsible.

I found that the more we delved into the topic the more I realised I had no understanding of what my students were doing online, how they were communicating with each other and how often, and how powerful and influential technology was for them. For this reason I found the reading on NetGeners (Lorenzo, 2007) very interesting. I have realised that it is very important for me to understand the world in which my students are in, to be able to function on a similar level and create a learning environment which better suits them. Knowing that NetGeners are multi-taskers who can change from one context to another seamlessly, that they prefer visual learning as opposed to text based learning, or that they prefer a lateral approach to learning rather than a hierarchical one, helps me to create an atmosphere in my classroom that is more conducive to learning for them.

My reading have refreshed my enthusiasm on how I can be a better teacher and understand my students on a deeper level.

Lorenzo, G. (2007). Catalysts for Change: Information Fluency, Web 2.0, Library 2.0 and the New Education Culture (Vol. March). Clarence Centre, NY: Lorenzo Associates Inc.Convergence of literacies in 21C – IL and digital literacies


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