My initial thoughts on Leadership

I have started in the TL position this year, and as yet I realise I have been consumed by learning how to do my job and running an efficient library rather than analysing and reflecting upon my place as a leader in the library/school. Our school library has long been neglected and not recognised within our school as the centre of learning. I hope through this course I can sharpen my focus on what I can do to realign the school library as an important connector and learning generator, and how I can build myself into a more effective leader in the school community.

The Leadership Style Quiz results were no surprise to me. I prefer a participatory/democratic style of leadership where ideas, opinions and suggestions are welcomed and fully explored. I like working in a group and feel that in that way individual strengths can be exploited to achieve group goals. However, I must be honest and state I am aware that in the school setting at times I do allow myself to follow and feel comfortable having guidelines set for me. This is due to my lack of confidence in my abilities and experience, not for want of being in cruise mode. When I think of those whose leadership qualities I admire and would want to emulate the following Transformational Leadership characteristics come to mind:

*confidence and a clear vision
*ability to communicate their vision and steps to achieve it
*builds an atmosphere of trust and high expectations
*ability to build and nurture personal relationships
*inspires others through doing and achieving
*strong work and moral ethic
*willingness to listen and being approachable


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