Reflection on Module 6-7 – Learning without frontiers…

Reading the material in Module 6 and 7 in recent days and preparing for the final assignment in this unit has contributed to me feeling very overwhelmed by the task of becoming a teacher librarian! I have found the readings very interesting and inspiring, particularly in relation to my developing understanding of how technology plays such a role in defining the TL position and responsibilities, and how the web 2.0 is changing pedagogy and the future possibilities.

What has become obvious to me as my understanding of the TL leadership role is being clarified is that I must move from being a library manager to a facilitator of learning using collaboration with students and teachers as a vehicle to embed all forms of literacy in the curriculum.

I identified with the contribution of Adrienne Matteson in School Libraries: What’s now, what’s next, what comes after (2011) titled ‘New’. She writes that she is observing, collecting information about her colleagues and library procedures. She is making note of how the students access the collection and what is popular and where there are holes in resources. As I too am new to the library this year, I feel that this is what I have been doing, and in particular focusing on the manual labour of shelving, covering, acquiring new titles and weeding. I realise that I need to create opportunities to be in classrooms, working with teachers and students to navigate the information they have have at their fingertips, and to be introducing new technology tools that facilitate learning.

This post itself reflects that my thinking is not yet clear, however, this unit is defining what my role should be and what I should aspire to.


School Libraries: What’s Now, What’s Next, What’s Yet to Come (2011). K. Fontichiaro, & Hamilton, B (Ed.) Retrieved from


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