Web 2.0 – jump onboard…

I have inspired to use edublogs to create an online presence for the school library recently – http://fahanseniorlibrary.edublogs.org My plan is to use it as a tool to promote what the library services are, what’s happening, resources and to post reports. I think by carefully creating good pages with helpful links, information and resources for staff and students it will encourage collaboration, improve relationships with staff to facilitate embedding digital information skills into the curriculum and advocate for the library and its function in the school. On a personal level it is helping me to become more accomplished with a range of technology and forcing me to really think about my role and what it is I want to teach.

I have found that subscribing to a number of professional blogs has supported growing PLN and increased my knowledge of the teacher librarian role and what others are doing to make their libraries vibrant learning centres.

I like the way that my blog can become a central stop online for all things going on in the library. I like that I can embed images, videos and links to make it interesting and lead users to other interesting stuff. It is easy to create and administer and has a very minimal cost. It is also a way to get feedback and comments from students and staff.

Things I have been pondering surrounding my blog and using Web 2.0:

– Use of school and student photos and privacy issues

– time it takes to create and maintain can take time away from other important tasks

– Defining WHO is the audience and making and keeping posts appropriate


Google Advanced Search – why didn’t I know this before?

As I move through the internet search strategy tips and a number of search engines I am starting to wonder why I have never known about practically all of them.  It has made me aware of how complex search on the internet is and how overwhelming it must be for students to find information that is relevant and appropriate. Of particular note, learning how to find creative commons materials on google, flickr and you tube, very simple I might add, is definitely something I can start to show my students.  Most students I have in the library are simply snatching images from wherever they get them – with teachers none the wiser or educated.  Lots to get done in my school!

Google Advanced Search to do more effective searches on the Internet. Created by Instructional Services, David L. Rice Library, December 2009.